Getting Fit Fast – Some Important Secrets

Getting Fit Fast – Some Important Secrets

Getting fit fast is something we all aspire to. It would be wonderful to think there are magic pills or instant routines that will turn you into a sleek, yet muscular, powerhouse. Inevitably the reality is a little harder than that and to some extent you get out what you put in.

However, getting fit fast is not impossible. It involves some dedication and commitment of course, but the main thing is to make sure your exercise routines are time effective. It really is possible to spend as little as 90 minutes a week on workouts and feel benefits in just a few weeks. One reason is that overtraining is actually bad for you. Trying to get more work from your muscles when they are already strained won’t build that muscle fibre and improve fitness.

The other reason overtraining is bad is that the body produces a hormone called cortisol when you exercise too much. If you train for more than 45 minutes at a time you won’t be at your most effective, as the body will be producing cortisol, which is known to destroy muscle cells.

So getting fit fast doesn’t mean training yourself into the dust – in fact the exact opposite applies! Like many things overdoing them will cause more harm than good.

One other area to think about is just what you want from your training program. Why is getting fit fast so important to you? Is it to get ready for a new season in your sport, or are you taking up a sport? Or do you just feel the need to get in shape. Try and find a specific goal to motivate you and keep you dedicated. Even a couple of session of weights and swimming as a very general thing will have an impact and you will feel it to start with. To keep going though, find a goal and stick to it.

For more essential secrets that you need to know for getting fit fast head to strength and conditioning where you will find the best pro tips on time efficient exercise.

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